Online Registration and Payment Page

If you want to use online registration and payment, fill-out the form below and click the PayPal Buy Now button. You'll complete your payment on PayPal's secure website.

NOTE: Do not fill out this form and do not click 'Buy Now' until you are ready to pay.
If you click and fail to promptly pay, your payment may not be linked to your registration information and, even worse, may cause your eventual payment to fail to be linked to you!

Because of PayPal charges, it costs $5.00 more per ticket to register and pay online than it costs to use the previous page and the USPS.

Be sure to list your PayPal email address in the form's Email for contact or Email used for PayPal (if different) field.

One registration form will work for all attending with you, just fill in the names of those attending and purchase a ticket for each member of your party.

The cost per person for Tuesday (5/15/18) entertainment, appetizers and mini-buffet (mashed potato bar, raw vegetables and grilled vegetables) and Wednesday night (5/16/18) entertainment and dinner is:

  • REGULAR REGISTRATION - $134.00 if payment is received before January 31, 2018 (covers both nights and entertainment)
  • LATE REGISTRATION - $150.00 if payment is received after January 31, 2018 (covers both nights and entertainment)

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Military Veteran: